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Mental Health Nutrition Workshop, Level 1

  • South Valley Unitarian Universalists Society 6876 S. Highland Drive Cottonwood Heights, UT, 84121 United States (map)

In this workshop you will learn the basics of how nutrition impacts our mental health. This workshop is not about weight loss or counting calories—it is about how we have a direct impact on our emotional and mental health with the foods we choose to eat.

Who would benefit from this workshop?

  • people who are interested in using nutrition and micronutrients instead of psychiatric medications

  • people who might want to start reducing their psychiatric medications (with the help of their prescriber)

  • people with symptoms such as social anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, anger issues, agitated depression, lethargic depression, feeling overwhelmed, grief, addiction and more.

  • parents who struggle with their children’s mental health symptoms and feel unsure how to proceed

  • people who are already seeing a mental health therapist or those who are not currently seeing a therapist

  • someone with a substance abuse issue

  • students who are going into college

We will discuss:

  • the benefits of using nutrition to manage your mental health

  • basics of brain function

  • hypoglycemia and how our blood sugar dramatically impacts our ability to manage emotions and sleep

  • the basic components of a healthy diet which include protein, completx carbs and healthy fats

  • which micronutrients support our mental health (vitamins, minerals & amino acids)

  • how to improve your brain’s ability to create neurotransmitters, which helps decrease anxiety, reduce depression, manage stress, feel less overwhelmed, improve focus and improve our sleep, just to name a few

You will be asked to bring in a 3-day food-mood journal to improve your understanding of the concepts we will discuss. During the workshop you will be given an assessment tool which will help you understand which amino acids will support your brain health. You will leave the workshop with a workbook full of information and some practical tools which can be implemented immediately.

The price of the workshop includes:

  • three hours of information

  • workbook

  • healthy snacks

  • 30-minute consult time ($45 value) to discuss your specific questions